K06 Full Electric Mini Bus

K06 buses accompany you to enjoy the glamour of the city at ease. Brand-new design delivers a forever stunning impres sion. Featuring a compact body, panoramic-view side windows and LED headlights, it presents the city with a vivid elf-like shuttle bus. While it is compact, engineers never compromise their efforts on its perfectness. Meticulous interior […]

12m Pure Electric City Bus Estar

Estar is a masterpiece of 12-meter pure electric vehicle equipped with intelligent technologies for EU sustainable bus markets, a perfect integration of dynamic appearance, luxurious interior, fabulous driving and convenient maintenance.


Intercity buses are designed to transport passengers over extended routes, providing a convenient and economical mode of travel for both short and long journeys. Intercity buses are a popular choice for people traveling between cities due to their affordability, convenience, and accessibility. They offer an alternative to other modes of transportation like trains or airplanes, […]