12m Pure Electric City Bus Estar

Estar, Shinning On The Way

Estar is a masterpiece of 12-meter pure electric vehicle equipped with intelligent technologies for EU sustainable bus markets, a perfect integration of dynamic appearance, luxurious interior, fabulous driving and convenient maintenance.


Body StructureMonocoque
Floor StructureFull low floor
Length × Width× Height (mm)11980×2550×3300
Seat Plan25~34 seats+1 driver +1 wheelchair
Max. Passenger Capacity94 (based on GVW 20 tons)
*May change with seat layout, door arrangement, GVW and technical gross axle value depending on country of registration.
Battery(kwh)● CATL, LFP, 422.9
◎ CATL, LFP, 350.1
Mileage (A/C on, 65% loaded)Around 300 Km (based on 422.9 kwh)
* May differ slightly, subject to actual running temperature, road condition, slope, driving behavior etc.
Maximum Speed(km/h)80
Motor Hub electric motor
Peak Power 2x125 kW
Interior◎ Aesthetic ceiling with build-in ambient lights (multiple colors options)
◎ Fiber glass wheel arc
Doors● Front: Inward opening, double leaf
● Middle: Sliding, double leaf
● Rear: Sliding, double leaf
◎ Middle: inward opening, double leaf
◎ Rear: inward opening, double leaf
Side Window● Tempered glass
Driver Seat● Pneumatic suspension driver seat
Passenger Seat● Ergonomic seat for city bus
Rear Mirror● Iron-framed rear mirror
● (with defrost)
◎ Aluminum bracket rear mirror
◎ (with defrost)
Air Conditioner● Valeo, Cooling 30kw/ Heating 39kw
Heater◎ Valeo, biofuel heater
Heating & Defrosting● Low voltage, electric defrost
◎ High voltage, electric defrost
Electrical Instrument● ACTIA CAN system
Audio/Video System◎ Hard disk player
◎ MP3 player
◎ DVD player
Tachograph● VDO
Driving Assistance◎ Mobileye Shield+ system
◎ (Speed Limit Indicator, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning, Headway Monitoring & Warning)
◎ 360 Panoramic View System
Monitoring● Middle door camera + reverse camera
Route Display● Four pcs: front, rear, side, interior above gangway
On-board Computer◎ King Long self-developed: KL-988
EPB● Electronic Parking Brake
Note: ● Standard equipment;◎ Optional equipment;All information and images in this brochure are subject to change without prior notice. King Long reserves the right for parameter change and final interpretation.

Inner of the 12m Pure Electric City Bus:

With modern design and luxurious interior, Estar offers you an inviting and homey atmosphere. Every detail is meticulously considered with combine of ergonomy and comfort, such as nail-free design for whole vehicle, aesthetic ceiling with ambient lighting, streamlined hand holders, neat design of hidden screw, handrails attached to sidewall instead of the floor, all to render you a pleasant and quiet journey.

Easy for Maintenance
A well-designed city bus shall never neglect the maintenance convenience. In our Estar, maintenance accesses are strategically located to ensure easy access to key components. Also, Estar optimizes every necessary opening angel for the sake of easy access, such as side cabin door and roof battery hatch, interior air duct etc.

Smart & Intelligent Driving at Ease

Estar offers a fabulous driving experience beyond imagination with series of user-friendly designs. Magnetically closable driver cabin creates a comfortable and safe environment. Actia dashboard with adjustable console provides better adaptation to the driver for easy access to every control. Multiple devices and assistant systems are equipped to ensure effective and intelligent driving at ease, such as 360 panoramic view system, intelligent wiper system, Mobileye shield+ system.